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HUHO Gala Memories

Five years of success all due to the HUHO guests who have generously donated  thousands of  dollars have which culminated to supply over 250,000 dollars in medical equipment and supplies, as well as help provide a new truck, ventilation system, and space for the homeless ministry in our area to Common Ground Ministries. 

Funds have also been used to supply an 18 wheeled truck to park in the middle of Haverhill’s city park loaded with basic life supplies The impact of this evening is changing the quality of individual lives which will impact communities and future generations.    The medical clinic in Cameroon is now doubling in size almost ready for patient care once the final windows and doors are put in place.  Our wonderful guests know how to show their generous support and compassion locally to the homeless youth and their families as well as make a community saving impact internationally by helping support newly built rural medical clinics in some of the remotest parts around the world!

Thank you Camille and all of the team members for another wonderful was so exciting 2 see such wonderful support for such a great cause......there will be so many that will be blended in so many ways with these funds...I am proud To have been able to be a part of it all.
Beth Elliot





Thank you Camille Gaydos and your team. I know personally that the portion of fund raised for the Common Ground Cafe will enable the cafe to continue to feed, clothe and care for the homeless and poor in the City of Haverhill. Great job!!!! 
Barry Noonan.

 I am always amazed how many people and businesses donate to make this gala happen every year
-- we had an amazing time!....the food, the venue, the music, the people....better than I could've ever imagined...I told Tom I felt like Cinderella...and best of all the blessings continue with all the silent auction items we got...mostly tickets for things to do...

Lynn Muller Wong,

Thank YOU-- great event.
I had so much fun, especially seeing all my old nursing buddies from AJH.
The food and music / dancing was so fun. Glen really enjoyed himself too.
I think he went in feeling we would come, stay an hour or so and leave early to get up at 3am for the flight...but instead we stayed to the end, dancing and yes, Glen did get the watch and sunglasses...a and is using both on this vacation.
Hope you raised a lot of funding for the important causes.
Dr. Susan Crawford

What a beautiful night filled with giving and wonderful people
Amy of ABBPhoto




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