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The 2017 HUHO Gala will be supporting the following two noteworthy charities this year:

The Common Ground Cafe
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The HUHO Guests have funded several local community endeavors for the hard working volunteers of the Common Ground Cafe.  Thousands of pounds of food can now be brought in with the CG Truck that the HUHO funded, an annual public park event is held that brings in a huge 40 foot truck full of basic life necessity supplies as well as food for the families to be given.  Each Christmas, the HUHO Youth Team serve the poor and disenfranchised people who are invited and hand out coats, socks and presents for the poor children.  This past year, the HUHO gala funds provided much needed safety renovations to the Common Ground Cafe space which will increase the size of the room to provide for more space for folks who need a warm place to come daily.

The Mission School of Hope's  Edna Fisher Memorial Medical Clinic:
Video presentation

The HUHO Guests funded the founding of this new medical clinic in 2013.  We helped supply the funds needed to build the clinic and also provide 250,000 dollars of medical equipiment and supplies in partnership with New England hospitals and clinics that donate their gently used or even new equipment to IMEC America based in North Andover Massachusetts.  This clinic serves the Bakah jungle community, the poorest , most isolated community in all of Cameroon Africa.  Since the clinic started, over 100 babies have been born at the clinic and as a result, those indigenous babies now qualify to have Cameroon Birth Certificates so they can be educated and insured.  The medical clinic is staffed by fully licensed doctors and nurses as well as a mid wife.  The mortality rate in the community has dropped by 75 percent!!  We celebrate helping them finish the newly enlarged clinic that should open this year.  They will need another shipment of supplies from IMEC in the upcoming year and for this need the 2017 HUHO funds will be used. 

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