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About HUHO - Our Mission

Help Us Help Others is a grassroots effort designated to bring people together to use their passion, expertise and talents to support local non-profit organizations in their efforts to provide medical, academic and practical support within our communities and internationally.

2017 HUHO Team

2017 HUHO Team:
Camille Gaydos, Chairperson
Marilyn Stewart, Co-Chairperson
Linda Bodensteiner:  Administrator
Andrew Gaydos:  Director of Music/entertainment
Doug Little:  Liason to Common Ground Mission
Charlie Smith:  Website Director
Rachael Gaydos:  Graphic Designer
Amy Sevigny:  Raffle Coordinator
Sherri Clark:  Decorating Coordinator
Gail Kingston:  HUHO Youth table design coordinator
Sherri Nourse:  Technology coordinator, DJ, MC
Amy Braione:  Event Photographer
Glenn Fredericks:  Videography/technology
Crys Fredericks:  Event Projectionist and Photographer
Stephanie Proulx:  Advisor
Avery Proulx:  HUHO Youth Team Facilitator/Leader
Nicole Wellington:  HUHO Youth Team Scheduler


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